100 PICS Quiz App Reviews

146 add


Its awesome and complet


Ich mag es

Ads Ads Ads everywhere

If you like ads get this app

Realy good QUIZ

It is a Realy good Quiz my fruends and I are playing this Game


This is a great game. Although it can get pretty tricky, you could use it to play a game with more than one person like who can guess it faster.

Crashes often

Even on new ios and old ios, game freezes frequently. Cant enjoy the game when it requires constant restarting of the app.

cash grab

so download app .. go thru couple questions then they want you to PAY to keep going .. dont waste your time downloading


Stupid game not even worth 1 star. Difficult to play, and is a money grabbing scheme !!!

Fun but way to many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is way way toooo many ads and it interferes with the game!!!

Could have been a fun game

Except its so flooded with ads its unplayable.


Its bs dont download it

Always freeze with new IOS

Game is fun but always freeze with new iOS version

100 pics

Love this game

Fun game

They bribed me for points

100 Pics Quiz

Fun and challenging!




The game is really fun


This is such an awesome game!!!!!!!! And the hints can help a lot when your in a twist!

So so

Not bas

The best game ever

This game is so addictive I love it so much

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